The most important religious and cultural monument of the region is the Monastery of Santo Toribio, one of the four holy places of the world. Santo Toribio has the Lignum Crucis, the largest part of the Cross of Christ in the world and for which he was awarded the title of the monastery pilgrimage stub. If you want to know more about the religious history of Liebana, visit the website of Camino Lebaniego.

Another place of interest in the region is the Romanic church of Santa María de Piasca dating from the twelfth century and highlighting the title and their capitals.

Instead, the church of Santa María de Lebeña belongs to the Mozarabic period (X century) and was declared a National Monument in 1893.

Finally, we recommend visiting the Infantado Tower in Potes, recently renovated and converted into a museum where different art exhibitions are shown.

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